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Importance of Membership Site

Importance of Membership Site

Building a Membership sites seem to be all the rage in internet marketing circles. On a reality – you can barely open your Inbox without seeing an offer promoting the launch of new membership site or continuity program.
So what’s all the fuss about? Why building a membership site is so important?
Let me inform you by saying that if you are an internet marketer and you DON’T yet own membership site, you are missing out… big time.
The main benefit of membership site is that it gives you a recurring income month after months and year after years and am sure you’ll agree with me that this is a massive plus point! You get paid each and every month for as long as the person remains a member of your site.

One subscriber paying you $20 a month is worth $240 to you over the course of a single year, and here is the best bit – you only have to sell to them ONCE.
How much easier is that than trying to sell to the same people over and over again? All you need to do is to get them to continue their membership by providing quality content or services.
This is much, much easier than selling.
You will of course find that some people cancel their memberships. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or amazing your website is – it WILL happen and in fairly large numbers too.
But whilst we’re on that topic just take a moment to think about this - if you recruit more people each month than you lose then your income is going to rise each month.
This is very cool stuff and once you have a continuity program you’ll be addicted to them and the possibilities they bring for your business.
There are other benefits too. Build a membership site and you’ll also build a very strong relationship with your members. It helps you to be seen as an authority source in your niche and builds your credibility, and they are also very attractive to affiliates.
They too are compelled to promote your product for the chance to earn a recurring income.
If I were to start out from scratch today as an internet marketer one of the first things I would do is build a membership site. It gives you the security of a regular income and there are absolutely fast amounts of money to be made if you are offering the right sort of content or services for your target market.

Hope this help?
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How To Write Good Autoresponder Sequence

How To Write Good Autoresponder Sequence

So you’ve got a nice website with rich contents now ? and people need to opt-in to your email list to build a subscriber base for yourself ?
This is probably the single most important thing you can do in your online business BUT if you don’t follow it up with a good autoresponder sequence then you’re pretty much putting all of your list building efforts to waste…
A good autoresponder sequence builds a relationship with your subscribers. It gets them to buy products from you and engage in what you’re all about on your website.
Many internet marketer get it wrong. They stack up the messages without giving much thought to what they are actually doing. Here is how to do it right and build a wonderful email list
  1. You need to put yourself in your subscribers shoes
If it were to be you would you want to be receiving sales email after sales email each and every day? Am very sure the right answer is NO.
The first step towards writing a good autoresponder sequence is to put yourself in your subscribers shoes and think about what they would like to receive. What interests them? What will benefit them?
  1. Give good content. Don’t just sell.
This really funny thing but the truth is that the less you sell, the more you’ll sell! Give quality content in your autoresponder sequence and look out for your subscribers interests. Tell stories, give them helpful advice that they can put into action straight away without needing to buy anything.
  1. Carefully time your emails
Email timing is very important, Autoresponders let you space your messages in any way you wish. All you have to do for each message is to specify the number of days between that email and the last one. Try delivering them every day for the first few days, and then space them out a little longer after say the first week. Why? Because immediately after subscribing people are ‘hot’ about you and it’s a great time to sell to them.
  1. You need To think about what they originally signed up for
Most internet marketer build their list by giving away some sort of freebie in return for the opt-in.
A top tip for writing a good autoresponder sequence is to make sure that your emails relate back to the original thing they signed up to receive.
If your squeeze page was about blogging then they are obviously interested in blogging or they wouldn’t have subscribed! So give them what they want at the right time.
Above all again – give quality content and deliver to your subscribers content that you know they will enjoy.
Take a close look at other marketers autoresponder sequences and Learn how its been done it.

Hope this help?
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How to Make Money during NYSC Orientation Camp

How to Make Money during NYSC Orientation Camp

As i was stumbling over the internet i came accross this article of how to make money During your NYSC, as am preparing for my service as well, and thats why I decided to share this article with you because with the little you can invest, you can make use of the returns in starting a bigger business after the Orientation Camp. There are many businesses you can engage in at NYSC camps, and this article only covers some, hence do not see it as a complete reference.

Would you like to make some cool money, as a Corper or Non-Corper, just within the 3 weeks of NYSC Orientation camp ? If Yes, then this article is for you. Opportunity, you know, comes and go. If you are still jobless or still thinking of which business to start, then NYSC Orientation camp is an opportunity you should not let go.

So, What Are the Businesses I can DO ?
1. Photography Business
This is one of the hottest businesses on camp. With thousands of Corpers on camp, engaging in different activities, for a whole of 3 weeks, then, you should just imagine how much you can make from this business. No matter the competitions, you will surely have your own customers and make your money.With quality snaps, fast delivery and good customer interfacing skills, you will surely make it.

This business is easier for Non-Corpers because, as a Corper,in NYSC kit, you will never be allowed to be in the marketplace during camp activities. Nevertheless, as a corper, if you have your personal digital camera, you can take loads of pictures during camp activities. Then, during leisure time, you can liaise with one of the registered photographers on camp to help you print them out in town. All you just have to do is to give the person your memory card, coupled with good compensation.

2. Video Business
This is a very good business which is not really common in most camps as compared to photography. I so much love this business  because, the returns can be so high beyond your imagination.

With a good video camcorder, you are expected to cover all camp activities, there after, edit the whole stuff and burn it to DVD for Corpers to buy and take home after the Orientation exercise. Wondering how sensible it is to burn all 3 weeks activities into a DVD? Well, YOU DON'T HAVE TO
The content of the DVD which you will offer for sale will just be short pieces of the major activities that will be carried out on camp. The DVD I bought when I was on camp only plays for 3 hours and to be frank, the guy covered glimpses of major events I love watching over and over again.

If you are to make 90% of Corpers to buy your DVD, then you just have to prove to them that they appear in the video. To make this happen, try and make sure you cover all Corpers while they line up on the Parade ground, Platoon by Platoon. More so, try and be on ground with your camera when they are on queue for registration,food and during the endurance trek. Those are the instances you can capture almost all Corpers on camp.

What if you come to camp with a TV and DVD, so that every night, you can be showing the stuffs on TV ? If a Corper sees him/herself in the video, don't you think he/she might instantly register to get a copy of your DVD before the end of the orientation camp? That's food for thought.

To make money engaging in this business on camp,you don't need to know how to edit videos nor how to burn videos to DVD. I am very sure there will be some video producers in town, that will do all these for you, just for some token.

You my decide to sell each DVD for N600 and you can tell Corpers to make initial deposit of N300 if to be guaranteed a copy of the DVD at the end of the Orientation exercise. Let them  realize you will only be producing few copies and that it will be based on FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Marketing tactics…isn't it?

3. Selling Food, Soft drinks and Beers
This is also a very hot business you can engage in. Trust me, you will make good money from this business by the time the Orientation exercise ends. If you can ensure that your stand is very clean and with tantalizing food varieties, then, you will make it.

NYSC will provide food to Corpers, 3 times, in a day all through the duration of the Orientation exercise. Nevertheless, majority of Corpers on camp will find it difficult not going to MAMI MARKET (nick-name given to markets at NYSC camps) to get a feel,especially , of the local dishes in the community where the camp is located.

More so, at nights, MAMI MARKET seems to be the meeting and dating spots for Corpers and even Non-corpers on camp, hence, just imagine the number of drinks that will be sold everyday on camp.

4. Laundry Services
Trust me, there are many Corpers out there that will not be able wash their kits by themselves while on camp, for different reasons best known to them, hence, all they do is to find someone that will help them wash their dirty kits and pay some cash for the person in return.

More so, Corpers don't go to camp with electric irons. Even at most camp, Corpers are not allowed to make use of electric gadgets. As a result of this, trust me, you will be making extra money just helping Corpers to Iron their clothes.

During my time on camp, people that engaged in this business made use of the charcoal pressing iron in combination with Stove. You must label every shirt,khaki or jungle boot received with the Corper's unique State code, so that when the owner comes back to claim his/her khaki, you will find it very easy to locate it without any mix-up with other khakis that are with you.

You might not be able to do this business alone because I wonder what you will do when you have over 300 kits on ground to be washed and ironed. Corpers will be mad at you if you tell them that their kits are not ready when they are suppose to wear it to the parade ground, the next morning.

During my time on camp, there were these 4 guys under the same business name. While one of them is busy washing, one will be ironing, another will be on the field, marketing and the fourth guy will be going from one hostel to another, packing dirty kits to their stand. If you are to do all these all alone, what do you think might happen to you in the long run?

5. Tailoring Services
You can also make money on camp helping Corpers to fix their wears. Most kits been supplied to majority of the corpers don't suit them, hence many of them always love to adjust the size to something that befits them. More so,there are usually cases where shorts tear during exercises.

6. Call centre/Battery Charging business

You can make good money on camp offering phone call services, selling phone accessories and recharge cards.

In addition to selling recharge cards, you can also be making money helping corpers to charge their phones. All you will need will include a small generator, some desktop chargers and some power sockets.

You will have to be very careful with corpers phones, to avoid troubles; hence always make sure you label their phones or batteries with their unique state code using permanent marker/sellotape.

There might be competitions but there is no way you will not get your own share of the market.

7. Games/Viewing centre business
You can also make money on camp setting up a games/viewing centre. If you can offer games like snooker, table tennis and video games, at your centre, then, you will surely make some good cash.

More so,if premier league/champions league matches fall within the duration of the orientation camp, then,its obvious that you will make money if you can make these matches available to corpers on camp.

8. Configuring free browsing for Corpers

Only corpers that have web-enabled phones that will be able to browse on camp, provided there is at least, GPRS service at the camp location. As a corper, you can be making some money for yourself if you can be configuring free browsing for fellow corpers just for a token.

I made some good money configuring free browsing for corpers during my time on camp. It also fetched me a lot of new friends.

9. You can also make money on camp selling Novels, Motivational books, cutleries, Magazines, Newspapers, wears, musical CDs etc
What of setting up a mini barbing salon or a nail-fixing centre? The list is endless. Just think of something you know Corpers will need/love to buy and you will see money flowing well into your pocket.

10. As a Corper, you can leverage on your presence on camp to help some businesses or companies to market their products in return for commissions. On camp, you will see different corpers trying to introduce you to one business or the other. You will even see some sharing fliers and handbills.
All these are ways of making money either directly or indirectly.

Any Requirements?
Well, for you to engage in any kind of business on camp, you will have to register with the camp officials. The amount you will be charged for; depends on the kind of business you want to set up on camp. Once your registration has been approved, then you are free to go on with your business on camp without any kind of harassment.

If you think your business is too small to pay for registration, then, try and go into collaboration with another business on camp.

For Corpers, you can always do your own thing on a solo level. Just, wise up.

 Marketing tips

Branding also helps a lot. Get a stand in the market place, erect your umbrella with a big banner carrying the name of your business, and probably be putting on Vests customized with the name of your business. With these, your business name will be ringing in the head of Corpers on camp and they will also find it easy to reach and patronize you.

It will also help you a lot if you are already on ground as at the time Corpers are registering for admission into camp. While corpers are lining up for registration, you can easily walk around, welcoming them to camp, while at the same time introducing your business to them. Help them with some little things during registrations and you will see them dancing to your ads.

Well, let me stop here for now....With this article of mine, I am optimistic that if you are the type that has been looking for ways of making money for yourself at NYSC camps, then you should now have ideas of what you can do.

How To create a Good Squeeze Page

How To create a Good Squeeze Page

Many internet marketers would argue that the ability to create produce a good squeeze page is a bit of an art form. This is right but as long as you keep some basic principles in mind it wont be too difficult to create even for newbie to create a squeeze page to converts at a decent rate.
To start with, what is a squeeze page?
This is a single webpage where people enter their name and email address in order to join your email list and this is usually in return for some sort of freebie – whether it’s a report,a set of videos, or ebook package. The main purpose of creating a squeeze page is to get people to opt-in to your email list. That’s it.
The steps below are the procedures to be taken
Step 1 – Give away quality unbelievable freebies
There was a time when you could offer a free report on pretty much anything and people would sign up for it simply because it was free. This isn’t the case any more. People are becoming more and more choosy about what they will swap their name and email address for, so the first step towards producing a good squeeze page is to make sure your freebie is of good quality and is something people in your niche will actually want.
Step 2 – Make sure your copy makes your freebie ‘irresistible’
If you are offering something people will want AND they know they want it - they will sign up. Your copy should pull out all the juicy bits of what they will receive and make it such that they simply can’t turn down your freebie.
Step 3 – Have a catchy title
We have all seen free reports been given away with the title “ Top 10 tips ........., This does not really works again.
Give your product a catchy title and make it stand out. Take a look at the best selling products in your niche and look at the sorts of product names they use.
Step 4 – Use graphics to “sell” your product
Make your squeeze page look like a paid product. Spend time or invest money into creating good quality graphics. This is the most important step towards producing a good squeeze page. Of course there are plenty of them out there which have no graphics at all and it seems to be an increasingly popular trend but if you take that route then you need to be able to write really good copy. If you use graphics your copy won’t need to be as good and it’ll still convert at a decent rate.

Hope this help?
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How To choose Blogs To Comment On

How To choose Blogs To Comment On

It’s fairly well know in the internet marketing industry  that commenting on blogs is one of  good ways to generate traffic and backlinks, as well as making yourself known in your niche and building good relationships with other bloggers. However whilst blog commenting is an effective method, choosing blogs to comment on ( i mean choosing the right ones) is paramount to your success.
The first thing you nee to think about is your target audience.  What sorts of blogs are your market interested in? Whilst it is a given that you should comment on blogs which are in the same niche as yours, you can widen it a little. example consider also posting comments on blogs which are in a different niche but which have the same or similar target audience.
Once you have found a possible blog, the first thing to consider is how active it is. I try to comment on blogs that are well known in the niche and which are posted to regularly, after all there is little point commenting on a blog where the last post was made 10 months ago!
You need to look at how many comments the blog already gets. An active community means that people are getting involved and a high number of people will see your comments.  It also makes it easier to post comments since you can pick up on what other people are saying and you can debate their points.
When choosing blogs to comment on, it is also important to look at the amount of useful content contained on the that blog in question. Many blogs exist as pure advertising ploys (you know the ones I am talking about – blogs which have tons of advertisements and affiliate links but very little useful information.) These are the ones to avoid. You ideally want to seek out the blogs which people look at as an authority source. By commenting on these blogs you will associate yourself with quality content and develop your own reputation.

Hope this help? 
 Please, share your experience with me and my readers on how to choose a blog to comments on via  comment box here. Your comment can help many bloggers.
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How I Make $5000 Monthly On Pinterest Pinning this Business

 How I Make $5000 Monthly On Pinterest Pinning this Business

8 Ways To Make Money via Trevo, 
The Ultimate Way To Making Six – Figure Monthly Income
On the Internet Living Your Dream Lifestyles

Will you like to know 8 Ways To Make Money via Trevo Using Pinterest Account?  This is the simplest way you can make money online via Pinterest,  What i do is this, i design a catching banner or image and add my Trevo Business Link with, and Dollars flow in Just Like that.

Are You Ready For A New Attitude And A New Lifestyle?
I know that I sure was. With all the shake-ups going on in the corporate world, it seems like nothing is a "sure deal."
Job security and a retirement fund that you know will always be there for you? Sound like things of the past, don't they? That's why I was so excited to discover Trévo, where I found a refreshing new attitude toward doing business and creating the success that could make my dream lifestyle much more than "just a dream."
You see, Trévo represents a completely different attitude and lifestyle within two of the fastest growing industries around - the health and wellness industry and the network marketing industry. Together, these two industries are on the leading edge of wealth creation - right now. They are actually creating more millionaires, even in this economy, than at any other time in history.
Today, I'm working with people who are having fun while building amazing lifestyles; people who are passionate about what they are doing. Together, we've discovered that Trévo is definitely not just another job.
Maybe you're like me in that I did not have any experience in network marketing. I know I certainly didn't have any experience in owning and running my own business. But Trévo provided me with everything I needed to get started with a bang, including cutting-edge systems, world-class training, and some of the most helpful and friendly support I could ever ask for.
Plus, I've found that Trévo's power of wellness is exactly what my family needs to experience vibrant good health naturally. Now we enjoy energy to spare, sharper mental focus, and an amazing sense of well-being.

The greatest failures of all times are those who refuse to work or act on their dreams. The success or failure of your life is predicated upon one SIMPLE action, it takes just a simple bold action to get your vision into reality.

This Is Your Opportunity to Be established at the Top of A New Global Market!

Not just the market of your Country but at the TOP above ALL Countries as they

Be Quick..! Don't miss out..! This is a Serious Opportunity

Trevo is a company that’s empowering dreams with a powerful product, in a $500 billion dollar Wellness industry, unparalleled systems and experience, and a compensation plan that is second to none.

With Mark and Holli’s vision, experience and passion, Penny's expertise as a global leader and Scott's global recognition as an online marketer, TOGETHER WITH YOU, we will create an unstoppable force of positive change and prosperity as Trevo steps onto the global stage as the number one product … the number one company … the number one billion dollar brand and beyond!

Our Global online marketing system will attract leaders from all over the world as we allow you to cash in and receive the benefits of our expertise. So if you have been looking for that one opportunity that could change your life, your finances, your destiny then now is the time to JOIN TREVO "GLOBAL" TEAM.

How Trevo works?

  1. Trévo Straight Line Forced
      Trévo Straight Line Forced : Trevo straight line forced matrix put everybody on a straight line regardless of where you are, your country or your tribe. Trevo is first come, first serve. If you join Trevo in US now, a seconds after you sign up, anybody who sign up anywhere in the world, be it Australia, India, Canada and so on is automatically placed under you and they contribute to your success, you dont have control over this. It not necessary that you enroll them. See the illustration below
UNILEVEL GROUP: Second exciting aspect of Trevo Business Plan is that, each member of Trevo Life and Health Coach can enroll as many new members as they want, a commission is attached with new members. Coming from first generation to eight generation. See the image below

    TRIANGO STRATEGY: This third one is just a mere suggestion, I will not advice you to stick to this method if you really want to grow fast. It simply mean you can register 3 and advice them to register 3 each on and on till your team grow, but this can slow down your pace as you manage your legs. Recruit as many as possible directly under you. See the image illustration below

The amazing part of Trevo is the monthly autoship which provides every life and health coach a Residual Income

I cant still Understand, I need Video Explanation Of The Business

Download Trevo Business video Explanation / Guide to Your Mobile Or laptop


OR Watch On My Youtube Channel

OR Watch On My Youtube Channel

8 Ways To Make Money

This compensation plan has been carefully developed as a way to empower you and your dreams. With this plan, you can actually make money from Day One, create a significant residual income, and be generously rewarded as your team grows and develops through your leadership.

Trévo’s compensation system utilizes a single-line matrix compensation system that is new to the industry. This unique system allows you to benefit from every person who joins Trévo after you, regardless of what organization they are in.

This remarkable compensation system includes eight powerful ways for you to make money through Trévo, which can equip you with the kind of prosperity that will make your dreams of a life filled with excitement, a sense of fulfillment, and financial freedom a reality.

At Trévo, our mission truly is to empower your dreams.

Here are the eight ways you can make money with Trévo:

Actually am not really good at this number ONE of the 8 Ways To Make Money With Trevo, BUT since Trevo is not making ME as a SELLER of the Product, I concentrate on Recruiting People To My Team with my FACEBOOK Methods and other Online Ways Without Having To disturb My Neighbors which I will teach you as you become part of my team members

1. Retail Sales. Earn substantial retail income by purchasing our phenomenal products at wholesale and then selling them to retail customers for a significant profit. In fact, as a Trévo Life and Health Coach, you can make up to a 40% profit simply sharing our flagship nutritional product. Plus, you can enroll Preferred Customers and earn great bonuses on every purchase these preferred customers make.

2. Power Start Business System Commission. Instant gratification is yours as you are rewarded with immediate income for building your business. Each time you personally enroll a Life and Health Coach with a purchase of one of our Power Start Business Systems, you are paid based upon your qualification and the system your enrollee purchased. As an enroller, you enjoy a generous 40% commission, plus we even pay matching bonuses to your enroller.

3. Matching Bonus. Trévo’s dynamic Matching Bonus program rewards your leadership efforts as your team duplicates the team-building success you are creating. Each time a team member whom you have personally enrolled enrolls a new Life and Health Coach with the purchase of a Power Start system, you receive a 20% matching bonus off of his or her commission.

4. Group Volume Commission. Trévo rewards field leaders for their personal efforts in building exciting, passionate, and growing teams. Based upon Qualifying Volume, Trévo pays generous monthly Group Volume commissions that can create massive residual income. Plus, there are no limits to the number of Life and Health Coaches that can be in each of your eight generations.

5. Bulk Pack Commission. When one of your team members in your first through fourth levels takes advantage of our great bulk pack discounts, Trévo rewards you with a commission of up to $183. This commission is paid on your first through fourth generations, giving you even more opportunities to create income through our generous Bulk Pack commission program.

6. Team Volume Recognition Pool Bonus. Team Volume Recognition Volume Pool bonuses are our way of rewarding sales leaders, business builders, and dream builders for their strong leadership. Trévo reserves 15% of the company Group Volume revenue to be paid monthly in 15 separate 1% pools. This amazing pool bonus maximizes the power of our revolutionary Straight-Matrix compensation plan.

7. Leadership Bonuses. Trévo really knows how to reward its Life and Health Coach leaders. We have compiled an impressive array of leadership bonuses that will amaze even the most experienced network marketer. From luxury car bonuses and executive-class travel and cash, Trévo treats its elite field leaders with style and opulence.

8. Charity Bonuses. Trévo leaders who achieve Black Diamond Executive status and above are rewarded with shares of the Trévo charity pool bonuses. These shares are distributed as donations to charities specified by these Life and Health Coach leaders, and are made in the name of the participating leader.

Would You Like To Know How You will being Get Paid?

Download compensation plan for your country, To Have A clear Understanding

How Genuine is this business?

You can visit Trevo office Globally or world wide, see the address below

How can I Join Offline?

You can only join offline if you are in country at which Trevo office is available or nearby. Visit the office address on the link below with my enrollment details. Collect the form at the office, and fill my details below with your own personal details too.

Enroller CID: 4506139

OR connect with me on
here is the office address contacts Globally

How To Join Online?

Join My Trevo "Global" Leadership team

Steps By Steps Guide To Join After Visit This Link?

Kindly pay attention by select click on all the RED ARROW
Step 1

Which ever registration you select, you can still upgrade to the next one. So tick as you like
Skip step 2 and 3, I mean neglect step 2 and 3, or if you wish, (optional)

Step 4, work with the red arrows

Step 5
Fill the details for your payment

Then click the Refresh Rates and click on standard to add the total

Then email me @ ayistrevo@gmail for your training and recruitment materials using for my success of making $5,000 and more monthly

If I Join How Do I recruit People To My Team / Team-building
  1. I have designed an ebook worth $200 for Free download For All My team Members,using Facebook
  2. Apart from a Free Website Given by The Company, To monitor Your Business, I will Design a Professional Dot Come Blogger Website For You at Free Of Charge To Increase Your Earning, You Will Have Full Control of The Website, And I will Train You how To Update it if You Don’t Have knowledge Of Blogging or Web Programming
  3. Lifetime access to my mentholship

Do You Have The Ebook Format Of All What I have Just Read On This Page?

Adeyemo Ajiboye