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3.  Matching Bonus. Trévo’s dynamic Matching Bonus program rewards your leadership efforts as your team duplicates the team-building success you are creating. Each time a team member whom you have personally enrolled enrolls a new Life and Health Coach with the purchase of a Power Start system, you receive a 20% matching bonus off of his or her commission.

4.  Group Volume Commission. Trévo rewards field leaders for their personal efforts in building exciting, passionate, and growing teams. Based upon Qualifying Volume, Trévo pays generous monthly Group Volume commissions that can create massive residual income. Plus, there are no limits to the number of Life and Health Coaches that can be in each of your eight generations.

5.  Bulk Pack Commission. When one of your team members in your first through fourth levels takes advantage of our great bulk pack discounts, Trévo rewards you with a commission of up to $183. This commission is paid on your first through fourth generations, giving you even more opportunities to create income through our generous Bulk Pack commission program.

6.  Team Volume Recognition Pool Bonus. Team Volume Recognition Volume Pool bonuses are our way of rewarding sales leaders, business builders, and dream builders for their strong leadership. Trévo reserves 15% of the company Group Volume revenue to be paid monthly in 15 separate 1% pools. This amazing pool bonus maximizes the power of our revolutionary Straight-Matrix compensation plan.

7.  Leadership Bonuses. Trévo really knows how to reward its Life and Health Coach leaders. We have compiled an impressive array of leadership bonuses that will amaze even the most experienced network marketer. From luxury car bonuses and executive-class travel to cash and training bonuses, Trévo treats its elite field leaders with style and opulence.

8.  Charity Bonuses. Trévo leaders who achieve Black Diamond Executive status and above are rewarded with shares of the Trévo charity pool bonuses. These shares are distributed as donations to charities specified by these Life and Health Coach leaders, and are made in the name of the participating leader.


This is an opportunity to earns in dollar as Trevo pay in dollar.

No leg balancing,
No brake away,
No stock pilling,
No compulsory targets. With Trevo you achieve your goal in your own time.

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When Abiodun Mustopha intoduced Trevo to innocent,he lost interest as soon as he heard MLM. In September 2011,he was looking
for job, not something that required #35,000 to join. Sometime during the first informational meeting,Innocent felt that God wanted him to give Trevo a chance.He had to use some of the money for his upcomig wedding to get his beginning package purchased

"I think i can only describe my encounter with Trevo as devine and transformational. It would take an eternity to explain how in 2 years, with Trevo, I have moved from a nobody to a level that can compete in the corporate world"

Chatting with Cynthia showed us her true passion for this brand. Just trying Trevo from her aunt has led her to learn about the business aspect and get connected with a Trevo mentor. Cynthia says that if you have faith in God and faith in yourself,you can indeed do all things.

"you should have a picture of where you are coming from and where you are going, then fill the gap with determination and diligence. i see myself flying high with Trevo. I'll just keep moving up until i reeach the top,no giving up."
Olufemi enlightens us about his situation before Trevo. In November 2011, his wife was pregnant and he had just lost his job when he found the Trevo opportunity. A seminar about the product attracted his attention, and soon proved to be the financial freedom he was looking for.

" I now drive brand new cars and live in a house meant for royalty. trevo has changed my life beyond words. The Trevo lifestyle is the one for me"

Olufemi sees himself as a great ambassador of Trevo billion dollar brand in the near future, rubbing shoulders with the top earners in the network marketing industry
Lynn confess es that she and her husband were very skeptical at the beginning, when introduced to Trevo by a local Life and Health Coach. They werent interested in getting involved,but she did research anyways.

" I searched through all the material and decided this was a good plan. But it wasn't until i tried the product that it changed my mind for good"

Lynn says that has changed her life. Where she used to have financial challenges and a lot of debt,she now is debt free and has enough money to spend freely.

Paul Chukwutem Onwumah
Paul Chukwutem Onwumah speaks to us about his future goals, which is to affect lives positively with the grace of God as Trévo grows to becomes a billion dollar brand.

"The Trévo opportunity has liberated me from debt and shame. It has given me more hope for a brighter future. The recent Anniversary celebration
was amazing. It has become such a great stepping stone for my business, becuase people who have rejected me in the past are now looking for me."
Paul's greatest piece of advice for stars' success! others is that gold is never found on the surface. You must be consistant, focus, and perservere
We celebrate these shining

8 Ways To Make Money Via Trévo’
I keep wondering why people are afraid of MLM business, since its one of the best way to financial freedom, and perhaps everyone does it,
For instance,

are you on facebook? Ans: yes.
Are you on twitter? Ans: yes
Where did you buy your shoe? Ans: at Mr xxx shop
This your cloth is fine, where did you buy it? Ans: its Mr abc

Directly or indirectly you are marketing this people without been paid for this. Now this company is calling you to do this and get paid for it


People that belief that they cannot make it in this business
People that God has spoken with not to join
People that belief he/she is born to depend or born as a borrower
People that are too lazy

The greatest failures of all times are those who refuse to work or act on their dreams. The success or failure of your life is predicated upon one SIMPLE action, it takes just a simple bold action  to get your vision into reality. 


Waiting for perfect time?
How do I get capital?
Can I do it at all?
How can I get people to join me ?

Friend, all this are self defeat that brings everlasting poverty, if you are waiting for someone to help you or if you are depending on someone, let me put it to you that you are a joker. Men are not out to help you except if only helping you will help them to achieve their own desire.

Am not here to preach all the gospel all in the name of you to belief because those who will succeed don't need more than enough evidence.
Without much ado, let's go into the business proper. 

What is trevo?

Trevo LLC is an American company with presence in 26 countries including Nigeria & Ghana. As a matter of fact, Trevo supports all our body's system; and it's both preventive and curative!

"Nutrition is the essential key to living a long, healthy, joyful life. So start each day with the delicious super-nutrition of Trevo" - Mark A. Stevens, Trevo CEO

Trevo is divided into two parts HEALTH  and WEALTH Financial freedom( Empowerment) just as popular saying that Health is wealth.

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Now lets continue with the business discussion

Now to start with, HEALTH

Trévo? is not just another fruit drink, nor is it just another multi-vitamin. In a world of sugar-filled juice drinks and caffeine-saturated energy shots, Trévo? stands alone as a complete health system in one bottle. Containing 174 of nature's finest nutraceutical ingredients from around the globe, Trévo? is unlike any other nutritional supplement you will find on the market. This remarkable formula provides you and your family with a quick, delicious and easy way to restore, renew and revive your bodies.

The beauty of this unique formulation is that it actually replaces what the body is missing from today's nutrient-depleted diets. And, because of the way our scientists have designed its formulation, Trévo? will work just as well for a 2-year-old as it will for adults of all ages. It really is the best of all nutritional worlds! Trévo? is, in fact, a delicious answer to your family's need for complete, natural nutrition.

All of our product?s ingredients are 100% vegetarian and a number of these high-quality natural ingredients are even certified organic.

So, are you ready to enjoy increased energy, enhanced mental focus, vibrant good health and even weight management support? If so, Trévo? is the answer you have been searching for.

Trevo Supports:

•Anti-Aging Health
•Blood Pressure Health
•Blood Sugar Health
•Cancer Health
•Cellular Health
•Central Nervous System Health
•Cholesterol Health
•Circulatory System Health
•Detoxification/Natural Cleansing
•Digestive & Gastrointestinal Health
•Energy, Memory & Mental Focus
•Eye Health
•Heart (Cardiovascular) Health
•Immune System Health
•Joint & Bone Health
•Men’s Health
•Respiratory System Health
•Urinary Tract Health
•Weight Management
•Women’s Health

8 Ways To Make Money Via Trévo’

Our watchword is creating residual income, I mean monthly income of $3,000 or more monthly. Which company can pay you this amount?

This compensation plan has been carefully developed as a way to empower you and your dreams. With this plan, you can actually make money from Day One, create a significant residual income, and be generously rewarded as your team grows and develops through your leadership.

Trévo’s compensation system utilizes a single-line matrix compensation system that is new to the industry. This unique system allows you to benefit from every person who joins Trévo after you, regardless of what organization they are in.

This remarkable compensation system includes eight powerful ways for you to make money through Trévo, which can equip you with the kind of prosperity that will make your dreams of a life filled with excitement,

a sense of fulfillment, and financial freedom a reality.

At Trévo, their mission truly is to empower your dreams. Here are the eight ways you can make money with Trévo: 

1.  Retail Sales. Earn substantial retail income by purchasing our phenomenal products at wholesale and then selling them to retail customers for a significant profit. In fact, as a Trévo Life and Health Coach, you can make up to a 40% profit simply sharing our flagship nutritional product. Plus, you can enroll Preferred Customers and earn great bonuses on every purchase these preferred customers make.

2.  Power Start Business System Commission. Instant gratification is yours as you are rewarded with immediate income for building your business. Each time you personally enroll a Life and Health Coach with a purchase of one of our Power Start Business Systems, you are paid based upon your qualification and the system your enrollee purchased. As an enroller, you enjoy a generous 40% commission, plus we even pay matching bonuses to your enroller.